Program Highlights

Steven was four years old when he was referred to Project ACT by his preschool program. Steven had difficulty interacting with his peers appropriately and participating in teacher planned activities, such as circle time. His diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder made it difficult for his teachers to know how to best support him and include him in their classroom...Read More Testimonials
Chelsea is a four year old girl in Baltimore County who was referred to Project ACT for negative behavior she exhibited in the classroom. Chelsea's teachers reported that she struggled in interactions with her peers and had a difficult time sharing preferred toys such as dolls or blocks. When Chelsea became frustrated, she often engaged in aggressive behavior (hitting or kicking) in an attempt to have her needs met...Read More Testimonials
Malik was referred to Project ACT due to concerns with violent and disruptive behavior in the classroom. The director felt this would lead to Malik’s expulsion from the child care center if the behavior continued. Malik came to the childcare center with a trauma history and severe anxiety that prevented him from participating in many classroom routines without tantrums or aggression towards peers and adults...Read More Testimonials

Early Childhood Behavioral Health Consultation

Special Needs Training & Technical Assistance

Special Education Advocacy and Support